Current Government Regulation On Vaporizers

The current government regulation on vaporizers still varies across different parts of the countries because it’s not as common as cigarettes yet. There are some places that are currently regulating its usage, some have no regulation to it whatsoever, and there are certain places that are currently banning it as well. There are other places as well where it’s strictly restricted to be used, or otherwise you can have penalties dealt by the law itself. Lastly, there are others that are regulating it as a form of medicine for certain purposes.

As of now, there are two thirds of the world’s countries that are currently regulating the usage of the vaporizers under their own different ways. However, it’s still being discussed heaving around different parts of the world due to its relationship with usage of tobacco, its laws, as well as policies involving medical drugs. That’s why there are various e-cigarette companies that are dong their best in order to make sure that their interests will be fully backed up by the law in the near future.

Legal Status of E-Cigarettes

When it comes to the current government regulation on vaporizers, take note that there are a lot of pending legal statuses on various countries. As of now, countries like Norway, Singapore and Brazil are still banning its usage. On other areas like Canada, vaporizers are illegal to be sold since Canada. However, the country is said to have approved the usage of no nicotine e-juices, and are commonly being sold legally throughout the country.

In other countries like the United States and the UK, purchasing and using vaporizers is legal only for adults. As of the year 2016, the US FDA has finally approved e-cigarettes, and have included it on their list – making it a very safe product to use. Gladly, under the ruling of the FDA, e-cigarettes can further be studied in order to know its potential dangers, as well as find ways in order to make it a safer product to use than before. Also, FDA made sure that manufacturing the e-juices must be checked thoroughly before being sold to the public to ensure the health safety of the customers who want to purchase it. Since it’s only legal for adults, purchasing vaporizers and e-juices are absolutely banned to minors, and proof of age such as showing an ID is strictly needed when buying the vaporizers.

You can say that the world is doing its best to regulate the usage of e-cigarettes, but in a way that it’s more controlled in order to ensure that no dangers can happen such as health risks and underage vaping. For sure there will be more updates in regards to this matter in the following years to come, and it’s a must to get updated to these every now and then.

The Benefits Of Variable Voltage Vaporizers

variable-voltage-vaporizersThe variable voltage vaporizers is a type of electronic cigarette that features manual adjustments on the voltage provided to the cartomizer or atomizer of the heating coils. Usually, the voltage circuits of vaporizers allow for a range of voltages from 3 to 6 volts. The output of a vaporizer or electronic cigarette depends on the variant of the vaporizer based on its size and battery type. Higher voltages are possible with a boost circuit.

The Advantage of Variable Voltage Features in Vaporizers

The voltage delivered to the atomizer of the vaporizer influences the throat hit as well as the vapor production of the device. With the variable voltage vaporizer, you are able to maximize the output of the atomizer or cartomizer, which enables the device to take better control over both the vapor production and the throat hit. Thus, if you want to maximize the clouds of vapor you produce for satisfaction’s sake, variable voltage e-cigs will do the task.

In the case of variable voltage batteries, the main advantage is that you can use the batteries in various atomizers as long as it is within the voltage range that can be accommodated by these batteries. Because of the variable voltage, you can achieve a more flavorful hit as compared to a vaporizer that cannot maximize its output.

While the hit and vapor production also rely on the type of e-liquid used, the variable voltage vaporizers allow you to find the right setting for the vaping experience that you desire. Customized vaping can be achieved because of variable voltages. With this feature, you can use different atomizers, glassomizer, clearomizers, and tank with just a single battery.

The challenge, however, is to find the right variable voltage vaporizer and battery in the market since these are already available in a wide range of selection. You must assess your individual needs before selecting a variable voltage device since what is best for another user may not be the best for you. So make sure that you evaluate the device based on your personal preferences and necessities.

To get help in choosing the best models in the market, find review sites that have evaluates the devices for you and have already narrowed down the choices based on a variety of factors. Considering what these sites tell you help you get a different perspective about the devices other than what is advertised about them.

Vaping: Why It’s Become Such A Big Deal

vapingVaping is becoming a big deal because of the fact that there are several tobacco users which are now switching from sticks to electronic. As of today, the cigarette industry feels the effect since their revenue is going down ever since e-cigarettes were introduced to the market. Indeed, it is becoming such a big deal because there are claims that e-cigarette is a “healthier” vice compared with traditional tobacco sticks.


You probably heard about tremendous nightmares prior to exploding e-cigarettes and this apparently is becoming an issue. There are credible e-cigarettes manufacturers that produce starter packages to MOD packages. Yet, not all e-cigarettes models are made equal. Just like Rolex watches, imitation seems to be inevitable and it is becoming a nuisance. China made imitations, for example, has not guarantee when it comes to the quality and safety of the e-cig unit.


There are also many claims that using an e-cigarette is not smoking but rather vaping. Most users will say that there is a big difference between smoking and vaping. In fact, e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco which can cause cancer. However, e-cigarettes, on the other hand, include toxic chemicals from its cartridge.  But some claims that such device can actually treat disease or addiction. As of today, there are no proofs of such claim.

e-Cigarette For Weeds

Some manufacturers are developing MODs which are intended not for e-liquids flavored fruits but e-liquids that contain marijuana. Since several States permits the use of marijuana, e-cigarettes manufacturers are now innovating their units which are intended for marijuana use. It becomes a major catastrophe which is becoming such a big deal. This encourages the youths to smoke weeds using the device.

Teenagers And Children

Lastly, according to statistics, there are over than 19% of children have tried e-cigarettes. In addition, as soon as they’ve tried e-cigarettes, they also want to try the conventional cigarettes. Such device, on the contrary, is designed as a better alternative for everyone who wants to stop smoking. But as of today, young people these days are more motivated to smoke conventional cigarettes because of the e-cigarettes. The device introduced many more young people smoking.

Regulation Of The FDA

This year, the FDA announced the rules to regulate e-cigarettes and the use of the unit is restricted under the age of 18. The agency also required the manufacturers warning signs that such device is not good for someone’s health.